Green n Grow

Ornamental features to enhance your garden

Subtle, sensational, subdued, stunning, simply stated Green 'n' Grow statues make a garden more than a garden.

Whether nestled amidst the ferns, or subtly placed in a secret corner of the garden a statue can create a wonderful folly to stumble upon in your own personal wonderland.

Water features, statues and ornaments in your garden add a new dimension for all ages, not only visually but by adding sound by way of the gentle, soothing babble of water.

Some statues and ornaments lend themselves perfectly to ponds or water features.

Green 'n Grow's water feature and pond kits are the easy install answer to placing a water feature in your garden.

We also have water plants to help your pond breathe.

Vases, Urns, Pots & Tubs

Green 'n' Grow offer vases, pots, tubs and planters through a wide range of styles, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Enhance the appearance of your Green 'n' Grow plants or shrubs by placing them in one of our Terracotta plant pots.

If you want to make a statement then Green 'n' Grow have the solution.

Our enamelled and glazed stoneware pots come in all shapes and sizes and boast colours which are guaranteed to brighten up any garden or patio.

You can grow strawberries on your patio, herbs on your kitchen windowsill or break up large tiled or paved areas with creative use of pots and plants.